Here at calvary we have groups for everyone, Meet each leader.

Our Leadership team


Altar Workers Director

Jemma Forbes

Cadets General

Joshua Sayers

Cathedral Choir Director

Jasmine James

Children's Choir director

Nadine Baptiste

Children's Church Director

Roberta Doyle

Creative Arts/Music

Samuel Lewis

Ministries Cont'd


Helen Sawney

Drama Director

Emelda Jerry

Elders & Deacons

Michael Crosby


Palma Litman

Expression of praise & worship director

Augusta Wilson

Health care workers leader

Althea Heath

Ministries Cont'd

intercessory prayer

Junie Richard

Marriage Enrichment/Fundraising

Velda Jeffrey

Mens Ministry

Gilbert Reid


Charmaine McIntyre

Multimedia Director

Robert Foster

Praise & worship

Marilyn Issac

Ministries Cont'd

Rhema chorale Directors

Ann Lawrence & Theresa Alexander


Janet Pierre

school of ministry

Judy James

Youth Choir Directors

Kennard Valentine & Janice Sajous

Social committee

Babsie Kerr

steel orchestra

Avanenil Garcia

Ministries Cont'd


Alicia Vaughns

Women's Missionary council

Cynthia Bartholomew

Youth Ministries

Melissa Rogers

Children's Ministry (CPC)

Marilyn Huggins

Social committee (CPC)

Diana Dixon