- Since 1970 -

About Calvary

Who we are


We are one church in two locations. We believe in God’s continuing testament.  This is why we are committed to hearing God’s ancient story anew and afresh in our lives and in the world today.  We try to remain attentive to God’s creative movement in the world.  We prepare our members and leaders to be engaged in ministry in the present and future church, and we embrace all kinds of communities and new modes of thinking.  Why? Because God is still speaking

Where we come from

Calvary was founded in 1970 at 1627 Broadway, Brooklyn, New York under the leadership of Reverend Wharton Nicholson. Among the thirty two persons in attendance at the first service, twenty five were invited guests from affiliated churches. In September 1978 with a congregation of almost 200 members, the church relocated to 151 woodruff avenue. In 1993 the membership had grown and calvary purchased a new facility at 58 Caton Place.

Where you are

Wherever you are in life, you matter and you have a purpose. We want to help you become the person God has created you to be. Your journey has a next step and we’ll help you find it. It could start with serving, finding God’s vision for your life, giving, or joining us regularly.

You don’t have to take the next step alone. With a strong community of friends, you can laugh, grow, and serve with people who genuinely care about you. 

How it starts

It starts with you. We are passionate about serving the global community and demonstrating God’s love to others. Whether in person or online, individually or in groups, within our church and around the world, we are focused on supporting and engaging in relationships that provide relief and restoration to a hurting world.

Mission Statement

Our Church exists to glorify God. By the grace of God and obedience to his word we are:
1. A growing family of believers, living in unity and Victory, worshiping God according to his word-John 15:16 and John 4:23-24
2.Equipping believers for the work of the ministry according to their individual gifts and calling-Ephesians 4:11-13
3. A church Proclaiming the Power of the Gospel and the empowerment of the holy spirit to fulfill the plan and purpose of God.-Romans 1:16 and Acts 1:8
4. A missionary church, fulfilling the great commission at home and abroad- Matthew 28:18-20